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The journey started many years ago, with a hint of interest in jewelry and accessories. What followed was a passionate ride towards creating my dream brand A collection of minimal and modern silver jewelry , Created with contemporary sensibilities The Jewel Closet is a range of jewelry made in sterling silver, also known as 92.5% silver! This level is defined as the purest form of silver, that can be used for the creation of jewelry!

Handcrafted by local artisans
The products are expertly handcrafted by experienced technicians, utilizing 92.5 silver & stones of the finest quality! At The Jewel Closet, we aim to uphold the concept of affordable luxury while blending it with contemporary styles providing customers with accessories that are of premium quality, and made with exquisite craftsmanship.

An amalgamation of glamour, luxury, playful and modern
The jewelry range showcases a sense of understated glamour & playful elegance, which offers versatile, high quality, everyday luxury!
Designed for the contemporary crowd

Designs that will make you stand out
Our collections are easily wearable from day to night & created with the vision to be part of your daily routine. Our jewelry will look fantastic whether you pair it up with jeans, a dress, or a chic suit!

Staying true to tradition While blending it with modern fashion
The whole concept behind The Jewel Closet is to use traditional metal i.e. silver and make it more fashionable with contemporary designs that give it more of a modern look with high finish 18K gold, rose gold or silver plating!

It's time to add some shimmer to your closet!
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